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5 predicciones tecnológicas de IBM

IBM reveals its top five innovation predictions for the next five years

IBM revealed its predictions for five big innovations that will change our lives within five years.
Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM.
Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM.
The IBM 5 in 5 is the eighth year in a row that IBM has made predictions about technology, and this year’s prognostications are sure to get people talking. We discussed them with Bernie Meyerson, vice president of innovation at IBM, and he told us that the goal of the predictions is to better marshal the company’s resources in order to make them come true.
“We try to get a sense of where the world is going because that focuses where we put our efforts,” Meyerson said. “The harder part is nailing down what you want to focus on. Unless you stick your neck out and say this is where the world is going, it’s hard to you can turn around and say you will get there first. These are seminal shifts. We want to be there, enabling them.”
In a nutshell, IBM says:
– The classroom will learn you.
– Buying local will beat online.
– Doctors will use your DNA to keep you well.
– A digital guardian will protect you online.
– The city will help you live in it.
Meyerson said that this year’s ideas are based on the fact that everything will learn. Machines will learn about us, reason, and engage in a much more natural and personalized way. The innovations are being enabled by cloud computing, big data analytics, and adaptive learning technologies. IBM believes the technologies will be developed with the appropriate safeguards for privacy and security, but each of these predictions raises privacy and security issues.
As computers get smarter and more compact, they will be built into more devices that help us do things when we need them done. IBM believes that these breakthroughs in computing will amplify our human abilities. The company came up with the predictions by querying its 220,000 technical people in a bottoms-up fashion and tapping the leadership of its vast research labs in a top-down effort.
Here’s some more detailed description and analysis on the predictions.

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